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If you’re wondering about Woodland Services, we like to think of ourselves as the down-to-earth reforestation and revegetation experts.

Our technical expertise and practical on-ground capabilities span forest establishment through to carbon credit generation.

Dr Dan Wildy PhD

Dr Dan Wildy (PhD) - Director

Since his school years, Dan has been involved in WA’s reforestation industry, planting trees and working in nurseries.

Dan completed his PhD in broadacre low-rainfall reforestation at the University of Western Australia, School of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, in 2003.

He was fortunate to work as a forester in commercial plantation forestry, before working as a forester in the development of new tree crops and opportunities, focusing on the vast low rainfall areas in Western Australia.

Respected for his practical work ethic, Dan has a friendly and knowledgeable approach to his profession and passion.

“I’m particularly proud of my work with the Carbon Neutral team restoring woodlands in the northern agricultural zone.”

Thirty years of low rainfall reforestation experience underpins Dan’s vast scientific knowledge. But it’s a lifetime of professional practicality, personal charm, and business acumen that makes Dan’s services highly sought after.

Jodi Wildy

Jodi Wildy (BSc MJD-BOTANY) – Director

Jodi can attest there is something special about growing up with parents running a retail nursery business. As a little girl, holding a doll in one hand and a seedling in the other was nothing out of the ordinary.

While Jodi’s doll carrying days soon fell to one side, her love of plants didn’t.

In 2001, Jodi graduated from the University of Western Australia with an Honours degree in Botany.

Since graduating, Jodi’s many scientific roles included seed technical officer, mesquite project officer, field botanist, operational forester and ‘runner of seedlings’ for tree planting crews.

Collaborating closely with co-director and husband, Dan Wildy since 2018, Jodi works on the registration and monitoring of carbon and reforestation projects, management of pine and carbon plantation inventory, supervising tree planting and staff administration.

On-ground Superheroes

Tree Planting Crew

Tree planting is seasonal work. But each year Woodland Services directors Dan and Jodi Wildy strive to make it a powerful and rewarding experience for their team.

In addition to their hard-working on-ground superheroes, seasonal planters come from all over Australia to work with Woodland Services. (Now conditional to COVID-19 rules.)

Over the years, Dan and Jodi have built a solid reputation as an equal opportunity employer who respects and upholds seasonal workers’ rights.

But more than that, Dan and Jodi inspire young tree planters to realise their potential and grow as individuals.

Many Woodland Services workers have pursued further studies in environmental sciences or been lifted on to a new life trajectory from disadvantage to one based on self-worth and determination.

So, not only do Dan and Jodi arrive with a happy, hard-working crew, they mobilise planting when conditions are right for optimal plant survival success.

Revegetation Milestones

Revegetation Milestones

We help clients with businesses needing to reach carbon offset targets by planting trees in low rainfall areas. Our milestones include:

  • over two million trees planted since 2017;
  • more than 20 successful biodiverse reforestation projects since 2010;
  • 10+ large scale reforestation projects in collaboration with Carbon Neutral; and
  • reporting and management of more than five ERF ACCU projects to ensure compliant carbon offset generation.

About Us According to our Clients and Planters

Nothing speaks more highly About Woodland Services than testimonial love from past and present clients and workers.

I would like to let you know that after other [employer] experiences in the tree planting season you are really good and were respectful with us – professionally and in life as well.

Matt, tree planter

Alterra Pty Ltd

Just generally very happy with your services.

Dan, Alterra Pty Ltd

Thank you everyone for this beautiful experience, probably the most difficult work I did, but for sure the best.Thank you, Dan and Jimmy to manage us perfectly.

I miss you already… I hope to see you soon…

Sofia and Jeremy – tree planters

Woodlands required low supervision in the last 10 months, presenting very experienced and expertise in undertaking the allocated jobs.

Project Manager
Customer identity withheld

Dr Dan Wildy PhD

Dr Dan Wildy. (PhD). Forester. 30 years of on-ground experience, and 12 years of operating within carbon schemes

“Caring for our part of the planet.” 

Life on our planet has evolved into a spectacular and incredibly intricate web. The ancient landscape of southern Western Australia is one of the undisputed jewels in the crown of biodiversity worldwide.

On top of this, everything we humans require for survival and well-being depends directly and indirectly on the natural environment.

Our land provides the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

Every bit of land with tree cover is valuable, teeming with life above and below ground, absorbing carbon and creating oxygen.

I use my practical background and technical expertise to design and foster new projects which result in successful enhancement of biodiversity and perennial vegetation in our backyard – southern Western Australia – to ensure a healthy landscape for generations to come.

Dr Dan Wildy
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