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Reforestation. Biodiverse revegetation. Restoration. Tree planting. Carbon offset integration. Forest inventory. Site suitability assessment.

Woodland Services have the technical expertise and on-ground capabilities spanning forest establishment through to carbon credit generation.

Forest Establishment

Forest Establishment

We provide down-to-earth services ranging from reforestation advice to complete on-ground forest establishment.

Our services include:

  • land evaluation and site selection;
  • carbon integration options;
  • silvicultural recommendations;
  • establishment site operations;
  • species selection and design to suit the aims of the revegetation project;
  • management of seed and seedling supply; and
  • registration and management of carbon projects.

Plus, we have pioneered chemical-free forest establishment methods. Talk to us at Woodland Services.

Site Suitability

Site Suitability Assessment

Many people ask us about the potential for carbon-funded reforestation on their land.

Our assessment will help you to:

  • evaluate the suitability of your land for growing forest or woodland;
  • understand how integrating with carbon markets and scheme requirements
    fit with this, and
  • recognise new ways to configure and manage your land.

Whether you’re enhancing biodiversity, revegetating or reforesting, our site suitability assessments give you strategic choices.

Make the land you manage something to be proud of.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

We can plant the right trees in the right place at the right time. Woodland Services:

  • specialise in large scale high-quality on-ground planting operations,
  • use either hand planting or machine planting to suit the site and project,
  • are the experienced foresters and always part of the on-ground team,
  • advise on timing and silviculture to maximise success if necessary, and
  • plant to maximise tree survival.

Broadacre reforestation or integrated farm revegetation, no planting project is too big or small.

Semi-arid land or challenging terrain, we handle it. We just love doing it!

Forest Establishment

Field Inventory

We have been planning and implementing small and large forest inventories throughout WA for more than 20 years. We provide high quality and reliable services that include:


  • matching the field inventory to your needs and budget;
  • robust statistical designs,
  • working within the rules of carbon methodologies;
  • quality assurance as part of regular work practice; and
  • good value and high-quality field measurement.
Carbon Project Management

Carbon Project Management

Does your company need a turn-key carbon offset solution?

Is your mission to become carbon neutral by planting trees?

Or do you need help with the setup and registration of revegetation-based carbon projects?

Perhaps you need our mapping, monitoring, measuring and reporting of carbon stocks for your project’s duration.

We provide individual services or turn-key establishment and management of reforestation-based carbon projects. 

Opportunities to integrate carbon into your project are our strength.

More about Carbon Offsetting

Thanks to the carbon market, both voluntary and the Emissions Reduction Fund, there are now opportunities for people who want to plant trees or have trees planted on their land. Depending on the site quality, the income from carbon can cover costs associated with the plantings.

The rules can be complex, but they are becoming simpler as time goes by. Also, more options are emerging.

The five most common issues we encounter at Woodland Services.
1. A client wants to sequester carbon, establish a forest, or both but doesn’t know where to begin.

We can point you in the right direction of reference materials or provide the information you need.

2. The economics of reforestation purely for carbon sequestration sometimes offer marginal returns (unfortunately).

We ensure our services remain low-cost and efficient, because like our clients’ we’re motivated by the same outcome.

Costs can be an issue, so we strive to offer the most efficient broadacre solutions to make the project work.

3. New clients may not fully appreciate the various complexities and risks when it comes to reforestation.

Woodland Services is experienced and across these issues.

Since we understand the risks, we can carry out risk-share partnerships to give you peace of mind.

4. Properties are too small for participation in the carbon market due to high fixed costs.

In these scenarios, we work with partner organisations to find the best market outcome to suit the project. Joining in with an aggregated effort is one example.

5. “We want to carry out revegetation for carbon sequestration, but we don’t know what mix of species to plant.”

Both Dan and Jodi are trained botanists and have a keen interest in plants and ecosystems.

We consider soils, original vegetation types, practical establishment systems, climate adaptability, and carbon scheme compliance if relevant.


Find out why industry-leading businesses and project developers use Woodland Services as their reliable reforestation and carbon project delivery provider.

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“Fantastic effort Dan to you and your team. The most organised season we have ever had.”

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“Thanks Dan, you’ve been a powerhouse of work, and have a great eye for reducing the complex to the simple.”

Austral Fisheries Sustainable Seafood

Woodlands required low supervision in the last 10 months, presenting very experienced and expertise in undertaking the allocated jobs. Woodlands has a strong internal audit system that allows the Woodlands supervisor to assist their crew in every step of the job.

Woodlands had a strong commitment to the FPC programs and its procedures in the last 10 months. FPC conducted data and field measurement audits in Woodlands completed programs, where no moderate or major issue has been found. In addition, Woodlands:

  • demonstrated they carry the job safely
  • delivered the job according to the specifications (Work Instructions, time frames), and
  • communicated well with FPC Resource Assessment Team.

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